At SAT Solutions, our motive is to provide utmost customer satisfaction by providing Cost- Effective and Quality Solutions. We strive hard to achieve excellence in terms of the quality and quantity of work that we do for our clients. We focus on efficiency, flexibility and speed for competitive advantage enabling our customers to tread along the path of success.

IT Software Solutions

Custom application development by SAT Solutions’s Center allows our customers to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from world-class development services. We provide managed software development solutions to our clients who want a complete, reliable, and cost-effective path to application development.

SAT Solutions has built experienced & high-performance software project teams fine-tuned to keep the software development costs low and the quality high. We employ time-tested practices that result in:

  • Price control: cost overruns are eliminated.
  • High visibility: production-grade functionality is delivered every two weeks!
  • Predictability: schedules can be trusted!
  • Reliability: high productivity is a natural result of high quality!
  • SAT Solutions application processes include:

  • Business Planning and Relationship (BPR) process
  • Feasibility/Requirements processes
  • Prototype demo processes
  • Design Processes
  • Feature Driven Development Cycle (FDDC) process
  • System Testing processes
  • Launch / Production processes
  • Continuous support to the application

Corporate Skills

SAT Solutions main area of focus is on developing rich high-performance, high quality, cost-effective client/server, intranet and internet based e-commerce and m-commerce solutions for different industries, using the latest cutting edge technologies.

SAT Solutions Strengths is in its Emphasis on quality. Its expertise in use of the right technologies a well defined and standardized software development and delivery mechanism. And in maintaining correct harmony between requirements and deliverable on time and on-budget always.

SAT Solutions works in partnership with organizations to design and implement balanced and best practice resourcing strategies that optimize recruitment channels whilst maximizing brand value. We create solutions through the provision of refined recruitment processes.

SAT Solutions is also Specializes in legacy applications on various plat forms. This gains more importance, especially in legacy applications that have negligible documentation. Our expertise spans all major industries, including: Education domain, manufacturing, distribution, retail, insurance, health care, utilities, software, banking & financial services, and public Sector.